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Orbital Buffer

Orbital Buffer
Item# orbital-buffer
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Product Description

Orbital Buffer Professional Grade and Weight

This is a professional grade buffer with a long life. The weight is 18 lbs, yes 18 lbs, this is the Daddy of all orbital buffers. The extra weight allows the buffer to do the work and penetrate the surface with the product you are using. This makes for easy wax removal! Also works great a swirl remover applicator. This orbital does the work for you and penetrates your swirl remover into the paint and helps in working the swirls out. Where the other lighter buffers just make the look of an orbital, but does not really do the job you might be hoping for.

This orbital is solid metal and not plastic, this helps in the longevity of its life, and is ready for the professional use. The wide pad is also helpful in getting the job done faster, cover a larger area with less time.

Weight = 18 lbs Orbital Pad size = 11 inches RPM = 1730