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Dewalt Buffer Kit

Dewalt Buffer Kit
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Product Description

Dewalt Buffer - DW849 - variable high speed

The Dewalt Buffer DW849 is not only highly dependable but it means business. With the variable speed option many different tasks can be performed. When used with the wool or foam buffing pad you will be able to perform a heavy polish on an automobile’s paint finish and do a final light polish. A great and dependable tool for any professional.

120V AC, 60 Hz, 12.0 Amps, 1400 Watts 0-1000/3000 rpm, 8.25 lbs. Heat-treated precision-out gears Spindle lock Externally accessible brushes Variable speed trigger 100% ball bearings Metal gear case Rubber tool rest

Includes: Sidehandle and 7” backing pad

Double-Sided Wool Buff Pad requires the Quick-Connect Adaptor This double-sided wool buff pad is ideal with the Quick-Connect Adaptor, Click-Click-Off. Ideal when trying to remove scratches and other imperfections, including restoring a glossy finish. When used with Commodore Coatings Synthetic Cutting Cream, the two combined will do a lot of the work for you quick and easy. The two work together in heating up the paint finish and removing other contaminates in the paint, producing Amazing results.

Double-Sided Fine Foam Pad requires the Quick-Connect Adaptor

This double-sided foam buff pad is ideal with the Quick-Connect Adaptor, Click-Click-Off. Used as a fine polishing tool or as a swirl remover. This is a fine grade buff pad and can be used for different levels of buffing, from a quick over buffing to remove light scratches and other imperfections to removing swirls with the proper swirl remover product.

Size: Approx. 9.25”

Quick-Connect Adaptor Simply screw The Quick-Connect Adaptor onto your high-speed buffer or dual action polisher. Use the Quick-Connect Buffing System to change pads, press the release button at the end of the adapter and pop off the pad. Snap on a new pad (or flip the double-sided pad you're using) and continue buffing and polishing.